Home Study

Your state of residence, our federal government (for the child to emigrate to the USA) and the foreign courts, all require that perspective adoptive families have an approved home study.

The home study is a written assessment of your family and is the pivotal document that will represent you as qualified perspective adoptive parents.

While each state has its own particular regulations, generally as part of the assessment process, the home study agency will need to receive marriage certificates, birth certificates, medical reports, employment verification, references, fingerprint clearances, etc. etc… Additionally, the home study agency will have a social worker interview your family. Usually this will mean speaking to each perspective parent individually, then as a couple. They will also need to see your home and interview any children, and/or other adults that may live in your home with you. The social worker will want to educate and assist in preparing you for the issues you should expect in regards to the child’s needs, as well as the process. All of this information is then compiled and typed into a report. Whala….. The home study!