Angels’ Haven Outreach is delighted to have the opportunity to be working with the approval of the Liberian government for the adoption placements of their orphaned children.

Liberia is a very poor, war torn, country off the West Coast of Africa. As is typical during times of civil unrest, children are often left orphaned or abandoned while the country lacks the financial means to care for them. As a result, many, many beautiful Liberian children are in great need of loving adoptive families.

This country is truly a mix of African-American culture. It was founded in 1816 and is the only country in Africa colonized by America. English is the official language; they have a similar flag, constitution, and national anthem as the United States. At the same time, they also have 16 local tribes with their own unique customs and dialects.

The situation in the African countries is always fluid which makes a time frame difficult to predict. In a normal situation (assuming there are no unusual issues) the process can take anywhere from 4 to 8 months to complete, once the dossier is submitted.

The requirements for the adoptive families are fairly relaxed, with flexibility in age of the adoptive parents, family size and financial resources. Children of all ages are in need of families, and while infants are sometimes available, families should be open to accepting a child closer to two years of age.

The adoptions are finalized abroad, via proxy, so the children may be escorted. While this means families are not required to travel, it also means the adoptions are final without parents seeing the child prior to the adoption taking place, so the child will need to be re-adopted once they come home. Families entering into the Liberian program must agree to provide post placement reports. These reports are required annually until the child is 18 years of age.

Most often the children live in a family type setting; with older children caring for younger children (this creates a healthier atmosphere for lessening the risk of bonding issues). Still, the conditions are beyond poor, with no electricity or running water. The children are culturally deprived; they have no access to a television and often have never been in an automobile. They also have a very limited diet of rice, cornmeal and soup. The children are tested for HIV and Hepatitis B. Still, families should anticipate that the children are likely to be malnourished, and have lice, scabies, worms and/or parasites.


Russian Adoption

Angels’ Haven Outreach is committed to the homeless children of Russia growing within the walls of institutional homes. We are very sensitive to the special issues that some children in institutions may experience…environmental deprivation; lack of sufficient food, and most importantly, a shortage of loving arms. Angels’ Haven wants these children to find the right family…families that can make an informed and educated decision about the little one they will love as their own.

Russia, as with all foreign countries, desires to offer their children every opportunity for adoption placement within a Russian family. Only when this is not an option, is a child released for international adoption. Therefore, the children must be made available for Russian families for a period of 7 months. As a result, families desiring a baby must realize that a baby will be closer to a year old by the time they come home.

Currently, most families rarely are required to wait longer than 2 to 3 months for a referral of a boy, but wait several months for a girl. The process moves rather smoothly and quickly once the child’s waiting period has lapsed, and the family’s dossier is submitted. Travel is usually within just a few weeks.

Married couples and single women may adopt from Russia. Applicants over 45 will be considered for pre-school age children. Exceptions are possible, on a case-by-case basis.

AHO coordinates independent adoption services so families will be working directly with the Russian officials. Adoptive parents are required to travel for an approximate 3-day stay to meet the officials and your prospective child. Typically the court hearing will be set in approximately 15 working days after the first visit. Both parents need to be present for the court hearing. This typically takes about 3 to 4 working days. There is an additional 10-day appeal period, and then typically 3 days in Moscow to complete the immigration process. Fortunately, the 10-day appeal period is often waived and most of our families have been completing the entire process in approximately 10 days. Only one parent needs to remain in Russia once the adoption hearing takes place.

As both parents travel and see the child prior to the adoption-taking place, re-adoption in the United States is not legally required. However, families adopting from Russia must agree to register the child with the Russian Embassy and to provide written reports and photos of their child for 3 years after the adoption is completed.

Angels’ Haven Outreach is excited for the opportunity of working to find loving homes for the beautiful orphaned children of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is one of the former soviet nations; children of Kazakhstan are either of Anglo, Asian, or Anglo-Asian descent. The languages spoken are both Russian and Kazak, or a combination of both.

Kazakhstan is open to placing infants as young as 7 months, children up to the age of 15 years, and children with special needs. Currently, there are no restrictions on the placement of children to childless couples, or families with children already in the home, unfortunately however, this program is unable to assist single parents.

The adoption process in Kazakhstan allows prospective adoptive couples the opportunity to choose a child from a few available referrals. Once the completed dossier is submitted to the government, the prospective adoptive couple will be given dates to travel for the first trip. During the first trip, the prospective adoptive couple will be shown the referrals and meet the children to determine an appropriate match. The couple will also spend approximately 3 weeks in country to complete a 15-day visitation period and appear in court (both parents must travel to Kazakhstan and stay until the court hearing). Staying in Kazakhstan for this length of time may seem difficult, however, it does give time for bonding and helps assure the integrity of the adoption placement. Once the family has appeared in court they may return home. At least one parent must return to Kazakhstan approximately 4 weeks later. The second trip will take approximately 3 days in Almaty, the capital, to obtain the child’s medical exam and visa from the U.S. Embassy before returning home with your child.

Families entering into the Kazakhstan program must agree to provide post placement reports. These reports are required annually until the child is 18 years of age. This step is vital to the adoption process; therefore all prospective adoptive couples must sign legal documents agreeing to meet this requirement in a timely manner. If this is a restriction you are uncomfortable with, we ask that you consider another program as future adoptions will be jeopardized if even one family fails to provide these reports.